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I thought it was time to share with you another faucet that I have been using for some time, this one is 100% legit at the moment. I can confirm this as I have been paid a couple of times now to external wallets. Freebitcoin also runs lotteries where you can also win a very tidy some of Freebitcoin each week although your chances are very small but you still have a chance. You have the ability to roll for Freebitcoin every hour with the top prize available being worth $200 of Freebitcoin at the time of your roll generally though you will get between 15 and 30 Satoshi. Check out my stats below

Just to let you know I have slightly altered the screen shot to bring the Freebitcoin logo across into the shot but no other changes have been made.

Click here to check out Freebitcoin now – and yes they do have a good referral program which I will make a few Satoshi from as well



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