Hi All

Well with the solid rise in bitcoin value from 7.5k to 10.5K this weekend I have managed to get pack number 6 1 week earlier than I had planned which is fantastic news. Also USI-TECH have advised they will return to normal operations next week after a whole bunch of solid testing this week. I’m curious to see what changes they make early next week, hopefully it will generate more earnings faster

As you can see my available balance is zero all spent on pack 6, still no commissions or change to registered members that being said I am not actively chasing referrals at the moment. starting small pack 7 is the next goal of course but really looking to get to double digits 10 packs and I really want to get there by mid May.

I am working hard on the faucets and thinking that I will move all my faucet earnings over to USI-TECH with a bit of an all or nothing play stay tuned for some new faucets




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