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With the bitcoin price still low the earning are still slow on USI-TECH but we knew going into this that without mass referrals this was going to be a slow process. I looked at this ideally as a two year project to be running around 200 USI-TECH packages and therefore getting an extra pack or more every day.

At the current time a new package cost 0.0053952 BTC so I am still 10 plus days off my next package probably closer to 15 which means by the 18th of Feb I should have package six without any additional investments or earning any referral commissions. It would be great to buy a few more packs whilst BTC is low as I really think it will start to go back up following the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) which is mid Feb. Packs brought a low prices get great returns based on information I have been told by others something to think about I guess.

Are a USITECH  member, how many packs do you have would be great to hear from you comment below



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