Hi All

Another slow week earnings wise with USITECH with the big drop in bitcoin not helping one bit.

2 weeks ago my balance would have me 1 week away from a rebuy but instead with the current bitcoin value I am about 2-3 weeks away. That being said I am undecided if I am going to get a rebuy or spend those earnings on a token package. After regarding the whitepaper on Techcoin I am very interested and seeing as there are so many sold already and so many USITECH  users I think this could could have some very good value in it down the track. As always though to make good money on something like this you need to get in early so I cant afford to miss the boat. USITECH have already built a solid infrastructure around this coin with a very loyal following which will have significant positive impacts on the value of Techcoin. With Bitconnect falling over from there ceasing all lending activities this could be a great investment for anyone looking to invest those earnings they were able to cashout of Bitconnect before it fell over.

Hopefully this week bitcoin starts to recover and along with it my USITECH  daily earnings



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