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A slow week with USITECH getting just under.8% most days, bitcoins current low price hasn’t helped anything but I am excited about the new coin/token release I have not brought a token pack but I keep thinking about as based on the what Bitconnect has done with there coin it leads me to think big things are possible for tech coin.

You can see from the above screenshot that I do have 5 tokens, these have been freebies when I have brought BTC packages. The current price for a BTC packages is 0.0044795 BTC. This amount changes to reflect 50 euro so it goes up and down all the time. Hopefully I will be able to get another package in the next 2 weeks.

Small goals first goal 10 packs, might need to start looking for some people to join my team and really try to get some quick refferal commission to build my earnings fast.

If you are at all interested in investing to get a passive income take a look at USITECH today



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