Introducing Ehasher

Hi All

This site as long as it stays legit looks the goods, min deposit is as small as $8 worth of BTC (remember my coinpot withdrawal mentioned here, in my coinpot post. This is what it was used for so I have risked free money to make big money. With my $8 I make 5% each day but manual reinvesting each day is required. There is tiered investments based on your deposit amount so this is just the beginning. I have been on Ehasher  for a few days now and have turned my initial $8 into $10.21 check out my deposit history below

If you have $8 of Bitcoin this is a site I don’t think you can go past at the moment give it a go, as with USITECH I will give you regular updates of how my Ehasher account is going.

I look forward to sharing big results with you all over the next few weeks



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