Hi All

An update on my USITECH account below, some medium % growth around the .8% mark each day. I would love to see this get up around the 1% per day where the USI team target but I know that this will eb and flow over the 140 day investment period.

No new members but I also having been chasing these, based on the current bitcoin value 17K US i am just under half way to getting another which is the plan. The plan is just to keep reinvesting each time to grow to in excess of 250 packages Ideally I would love to hit the 1000 mark then move to 75% auto reinvest but that is quite some way away unless I suddenly get a whole heap of members buying packs under me. Either way in 12 or so months I will be in good position and really good one is about 18-24 months

Hopefully in the next week or so I can share with you all my next couple of investments.



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